Episode one, Becoming a Dad.

When I was a teenager in High School probably my best friend was a guy named Eddy. Eddie and I hung out quite a bit, we didn’t live especially close, but we lived within walking distance, and one thing we often talked about was how cool it’d be to get on radio. If we had known podcasting was a thing back then we probably would have been all over it, instead he got born again, I didn’t as I was born just fine the first time, and we parted ways. No hard feelings or bad wishes, but the idea of hosting my own radio show has stuck with me to this day.

To get some practice I’ve decided to talk about the early days of being a father. The insanity that was birth, the first months of parenthood, and some ideas for what I’m doing here. Its a little bleak because I really wanted to touch on the stuff that people often forget to tell you about having kids. I also, perhaps mistakenly, weighed in on the breastfeeding debate… we’ll see how that plays out. Subsequent episodes won’t be too dark, although I am the “Half-Dead Dad” so bouts of venting are inevitable.

I’m going to try to post a ~15 min episode each week on Sunday, sometimes it’ll be a review, sometimes it’ll be a story, sometimes It’ll be a tip, and sometimes it’ll be ranting and raving madness. What it won’t be is heavily produced as I’m trying to get better in front of the microphone. I hope its entertaining.

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