Episode Three, Baby Sign and American Sign Language

In which I try desperately not to stumble into Deaf Culture like a clod while explaining the many benefits of teaching your child Baby Sign followed by American Sign Language. I recently took an American Sign Language as a summer elective at the local community College and really enjoyed it. As mentioned in the podcast, I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone, even if you never use it with a Deaf person.

BabySignLanguage.com – they claim that teaching your kid this will somehow increase their IQ… That sounds like nonsense, and I don’t know why they try to sell it that way, the IT STOPS THEM FROM SCREAMING is a way better selling point to actual parents.

Signing Savy and Handspeak, two great online resources for learning American Sign Language.

ASLThat is also really helpful, both on Facebook and Youtube

In fact there are plenty of deaf channels run on youtube in ASL and other sign languages, many of which try to sign slowly and clearly enough for new learners.

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