Episode Five, The poop one!

The episode in which I talk about the major complaint of cloth diapering, even though nobody asked for it, cause I wanted to say poop alot. Aside from the fact that deep down inside I am a five year old I did this for reasons other than just saying poop… poop, poop, poop. I just think there is alot of people who are afraid to try it because they think its gross, and I’m here to tell you… yeah, yeah its gross, but its not that big of a deal.

Diaper Sprayer

Obbs and Lala again

Quick Breakdown, care of the Half-Dead Mom

“Diapers we’ve spent $550 for 3 weeks to 18 months/20 months and she’ll fit into those until next year since she’s 7 months now.

Disposables in comparison would be about $70 a month. So if we do that for 20 months it’d be near $1400 on average.”

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